Miss M in Car Bondage

2019-09-09Miss M 7:39 minutesAsian, Bondage, Fetish
Miss M in Car Bondage  1
Miss M in Car Bondage  2

Miss M surely imagined her day slightly different as we asked her to be at the parking lot in her shiny wetlook dress. What she didn't know was, that she will end up with a big ballgag in her mouth and her hands cuffed between her back. Then we just drove off and cruised around with our shiny queen being displayed to everybody passing by. 

We love that shiny leather dress as it does not hide much of her enormous curves. 

Getting Dressed in a vinyl leggings

2018-12-274:37 minutesFetish, High heels, Milf
Getting Dressed in a vinyl leggings  1
Getting Dressed in a vinyl leggings  2

Miss M likes to present her brand new vinyl leggings. This shiny plastic like material feels so great and makes a lot of sounds while walking. You can enjoy great curves and some bloopers of her big ........ :D 

We are also selling those leggings on eBay. Check out our eBay Profile here. 



Spandex Bondage - The Video

2018-08-249:58 minutesAsian, Bondage, Fetish
Spandex Bondage - The Video  1
Spandex Bondage - The Video  2

Here comes the video of the stunning Miss M tied up in her shiny spandex catsuit. 

The first half shows Miss M presenting her blue spandex catsuit and she is not shy at all presenting her wonderful curves. You can expect a lot of butt showing poses.

In the second half, we tried something new. 😀 Miss M is wearing a black spandex mask, blindfolded and unable to see. We then tie her up with silver tape, gag her mouth bind her legs and arms together so she is totally unable to move.

She has not much experience with bondage, so she doesn`t really know what to think about that. But as her mouth is gagged and she is tied up, we are not expecting too much resistance.

Don`t you love a tied up spandex babe unable to move or complain?

Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat

2018-08-135:53 minutesAsian, Costume, Fetish
Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat 1
Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat 2

Finally, Miss M goes Spandex. She has never tried this stunning material before. But luckily one of her fans send her a stunning shiny yellow spandex catsuit and of course, she wants to show her sign of appreciation with a nice video clip. So she gave us a call if we are interested to meet up, which we couldn`t reject of course. We accompanied her all day and filmed her in her super tight spandex outfit.  She spends the whole day wearing the catsuit and shows off nicely in it. The catsuit does not hide much and complements all of her curves. She also combines the catsuit with her super shiny Jolina down coat which looks just awesome.

The perfect outfit to grab peoples attention. Looking like a shiny plastic doll covered fully in skin-tight spandex and her down coat, she enjoys a lot moving around and presenting herself in front of the camera. And that`s what Miss M is all about. She loves being a shiny doll for you, dressing in shiny outfits. It is very rare, that we see her wearing normal clothes at all. If you are lucky meeting her in the evenings in a bar or disco, you will hardly see her wearing anything else than shiny leggings, mini skirts or dresses. After trying spandex for the first time, we are pretty sure, that she is addicted to that fabric. This won`t be her last spandex piece. There will be a lot more in future.


Satin Blouse Bondage

2018-08-094:08 minutesAmateur, Asian, BDSM
Satin Blouse Bondage  1
Satin Blouse Bondage  2

We are proud to present you today with Miss M`s first bondage image set and movie.  Actually, she expected a normal shooting in a nice hotel room. Wearing a white satin blouse, satin panty and pantyhose she presented herself from her best side.

She didn`t expect though, that we brought a lot of ropes for her today. After a few minutes of getting warm, we persuaded her trying how it feels like to be a rope bunny. She hesitated at first, but once her feet and hands were tied together she didn`t have much choice anyway.

As we wanted to give her a few minutes of rest, we put her in a nice Hogtie and let her enjoy it for 30 minutes on the bed. She enjoyed a lot her first Satin Blouse Bondage session and can`t wait until the next one. Don`t we love Asian girls tied up in shiny outfits? Miss M from the Philippines was an excellent rope bunny.