Long Puffa Coat Fun

2019-01-02Miss M 63 imagesAmateur, Asian, Fetish
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Long Puffa Coat Fun 1

Miss M is having a lot of fun with this super long puffy down coat. Actually, it is longer than herself, so she can completely hide in it. Combined with her black wet look leggings, this gives a stunning outfit. Wearing that coat she will for sure not be cold during the winter months. What do you think about this look? The down coat is so big, she even uses it as a blanket. Watch her enjoy playing with this shiny coat. 

Miss M In A Purple Spandex Catsuit

2018-08-0993 imagesAmateur
Miss M In A Purple Spandex Catsuit 0
Miss M In A Purple Spandex Catsuit 1

Finally, Miss M is back and showing us one of her stunning and tight catsuits. It got a bit quiet the last days as she is in the process of moving to Germany. But finally, we can present another one of her stunning image sets.

Miss M was so happy about the catsuit she actually wore it all the time. She even slept in it and wore it most of the time at home or even under her normal clothes when going out. We think that is her new favorite outfit at the moment. What do you think? Do you like her in a shiny spandex catsuit? One thing is for sure. You can see almost everything. Her curves, forms and so on. If you have a close look you can even see a bit more, if you know what I mean.

The spandex catsuit is super tight and in combination with her white sneakers, it is an excellent outfit for………doing a photoshoot? Where else could you wear that? Outdoors? She will try that for sure very soon. Luckily we stayed a couple of days in a very nice hotel, so this photo set got really nice and we had a lot of fun.