Long Puffa Coat Fun

2019-01-02Miss M 63 imagesAmateur, Asian, Fetish
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Long Puffa Coat Fun 1

Miss M is having a lot of fun with this super long puffy down coat. Actually, it is longer than herself, so she can completely hide in it. Combined with her black wet look leggings, this gives a stunning outfit. Wearing that coat she will for sure not be cold during the winter months. What do you think about this look? The down coat is so big, she even uses it as a blanket. Watch her enjoy playing with this shiny coat. 

Shiny Black Leather Leggings

2018-08-0946 imagesAsian, BBW, Fetish
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Shiny Black Leather Leggings 1

Miss M is finally back after a short pause. She was pretty busy during her relocation to Munich, Germany. But luckily she is back now and is able to deliver you with new content. As you know she has been living somewhere in the middle east for the last years, so it was pretty difficult to live the shiny lifestyle. But things changed now with her move to Germany and you can be looking forward to great new stuff.


This set is all about how Miss M’s shiny career started. Shiny tight wet look leggings. She is presenting you her favorite leggings in combination with her high heels and a nice jacket. The short top underneath that jacket does not hide much of her stunning curves. So you can enjoy a lot of her curvy figure.