Long Puffa Coat Fun

2019-01-02Miss M 63 imagesAmateur, Asian, Fetish
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Miss M is having a lot of fun with this super long puffy down coat. Actually, it is longer than herself, so she can completely hide in it. Combined with her black wet look leggings, this gives a stunning outfit. Wearing that coat she will for sure not be cold during the winter months. What do you think about this look? The down coat is so big, she even uses it as a blanket. Watch her enjoy playing with this shiny coat. 

Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat

2018-08-135:53 minutesAsian, Costume, Fetish
Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat 1
Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Down Coat 2

Finally, Miss M goes Spandex. She has never tried this stunning material before. But luckily one of her fans send her a stunning shiny yellow spandex catsuit and of course, she wants to show her sign of appreciation with a nice video clip. So she gave us a call if we are interested to meet up, which we couldn`t reject of course. We accompanied her all day and filmed her in her super tight spandex outfit.  She spends the whole day wearing the catsuit and shows off nicely in it. The catsuit does not hide much and complements all of her curves. She also combines the catsuit with her super shiny Jolina down coat which looks just awesome.

The perfect outfit to grab peoples attention. Looking like a shiny plastic doll covered fully in skin-tight spandex and her down coat, she enjoys a lot moving around and presenting herself in front of the camera. And that`s what Miss M is all about. She loves being a shiny doll for you, dressing in shiny outfits. It is very rare, that we see her wearing normal clothes at all. If you are lucky meeting her in the evenings in a bar or disco, you will hardly see her wearing anything else than shiny leggings, mini skirts or dresses. After trying spandex for the first time, we are pretty sure, that she is addicted to that fabric. This won`t be her last spandex piece. There will be a lot more in future.


Asian Girl In A Shiny Down Jacket

2018-08-1160 imagesAsian, BBW, Fetish
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Don`t we hate the cold winter months in Europe with all the rainy and snowy weather and freezing cold temperatures?


Actually yes, but this is also the time when girls are starting to wear their nice winter clothes. More and more we can enjoy them wearing a shiny down jacket and coat outside.


And what makes it even better? How rare is it, that you see an Asian girl wearing a shiny down jacket? We had a fantastic shooting with Miss M from the Philippines wearing a shiny black Jolina down coat and leather leggings.


The image set contains actually three different variations of the down coat. One is inside a hotel room where Miss M is wearing the Jolina coat, black wet look leggings and a short top showing us a lot of her huge cleavage.

The second one shows a few shots of her wearing a short wet look dress underneath in combination with some sexy high heels.

The third one consists of an outdoor shooting in Munich where she is wearing shiny tiger print leggings.