Blue shiny down jacket

2019-09-03Miss M 47 imagesAmateur, BBW, Fetish
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Blue shiny down jacket  1

Summer is almost over and it is time to get the shiny down jackets out again. 

Miss M loves wearing thick jackets. The blue down jacket is one of her favorite. Combined with her jeans hot pants and high heels it gives the perfect outfit. What do you think?

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Long Puffa Coat Fun

2019-01-02Miss M 63 imagesAmateur, Asian, Fetish
Long Puffa Coat Fun 0
Long Puffa Coat Fun 1

Miss M is having a lot of fun with this super long puffy down coat. Actually, it is longer than herself, so she can completely hide in it. Combined with her black wet look leggings, this gives a stunning outfit. Wearing that coat she will for sure not be cold during the winter months. What do you think about this look? The down coat is so big, she even uses it as a blanket. Watch her enjoy playing with this shiny coat. 

Pink Down Jacket Fun

2018-12-2181 imagesAmateur, Fetish, Foot Fetish
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Pink Down Jacket Fun  1

You like it shiny? Do you like puffy jackets? Then this is the right set for you. Miss M just woke up after sleeping in her purple wet look leggings. She is about to get up and get dressed in her pink down jacket. Nothing underneath except her shiny Satin Bra. 

As she is still sleepy, she makes a mistake and wears her jacket the wrong way round. But before covering her complete face in the hood of the down jacket, we decide to silence her with a nice tape gag. 



Jolina Down Jacket And Spandex Catsuit

2018-08-0961 imagesAsian, BBW, Fetish
Jolina Down Jacket And Spandex Catsuit 0
Jolina Down Jacket And Spandex Catsuit 1

Although the catsuit is looking fantastic on its own, in combination with a black super glossy Jolina down coat it get`s even better. I know we got summer, but why not create some nice ideas for winter outfits early. The early bird catches the worm, right?

We wouldn`t be surprised if she wears that outfit during the winter months outdoor. That would be a great thing and she might get a lot of attention walking around as a shiny spandex doll. The Jolina Coat was a rare find. It is pretty heavy, keeps pretty warm and the shiny surface feels almost like plastic. It is one of Miss M`s favorite jackets.

In this photo set, she was not shy at all and was happy to present her curves for you.