New Leggings for Mercy

2019-07-14 67 images Asian, BBW, Fetish
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New Leggings for Mercy  1

Mercy got a new pair of leggings and could not wait to model them. Combined with her blue leather jacket and a black see-through top, it is the perfect outfit. What do you think? You can get her style now on Mercys eBay account. 

Super tight wet look leggings

2019-06-17 8 images Asian, BBW, Fetish
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Super tight wet look leggings  1

Miss M is modelling her thick shiny leather leggings for you. Did you know, you can also get her style. On her eBay account, she is selling brand new leggings. Check it out here. DressMercyy on eBay. 

Blue spandex leggings

2019-04-05 43 images Asian, BBW, Fetish
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Miss M is best dressed in leggings. This shiny blue spandex leggings fit perfectly and complements her perfect curves. 

Shiny Pink Satin Skirt

2019-03-20 9 images Asian, BBW, Fetish
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Doesn't that look absolute hot, how Miss M is wrapped in her shiny pink satin skirt? Combined with her black wet look top this gives the perfect outfit for the next party. 

The skirt is closed by a back zipper and doesn't hide much of her curves. 

Did you know that some of her outfits can now be bought on her personal eBay account? Check it out here. 


Long Puffa Coat Fun

2019-01-02 63 images Amateur, Asian, Fetish
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Long Puffa Coat Fun 1

Miss M is having a lot of fun with this super long puffy down coat. Actually, it is longer than herself, so she can completely hide in it. Combined with her black wet look leggings, this gives a stunning outfit. Wearing that coat she will for sure not be cold during the winter months. What do you think about this look? The down coat is so big, she even uses it as a blanket. Watch her enjoy playing with this shiny coat. 

Pink Down Jacket Fun

2018-12-21 81 images Amateur, Fetish, Foot Fetish
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Pink Down Jacket Fun  1

You like it shiny? Do you like puffy jackets? Then this is the right set for you. Miss M just woke up after sleeping in her purple wet look leggings. She is about to get up and get dressed in her pink down jacket. Nothing underneath except her shiny Satin Bra. 

As she is still sleepy, she makes a mistake and wears her jacket the wrong way round. But before covering her complete face in the hood of the down jacket, we decide to silence her with a nice tape gag. 



Miss M and the Ball Gag

2018-09-12 70 images Asian, Bondage, Fetish
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Miss M and the Ball Gag  1

Nothing is shinier than proper PVC leggings. Don’t you also think so? This plastic-like material feels awesome to wear and is super shiny. Miss M was so happy to get her first leggings like this and could not wait to wear it for you. In combination with her plastic top, this gives an absolutely stunning outfit. Some of you might have seen that top before in this image set. 


Now, what is the best to wear with this outfit? Miss M decided to put on a black pantyhose and black super shiny high heels. Wearing that in public, she might get molested a lot. What do you think?

But nevertheless, she was so amazed by that outfit, that she really wants to wear it to the next party. We will see, where that might be.

As you know, you can sometimes purchase Miss M s outfits, when she puts it on eBay. That might be new unworn items or worn items. Just read the description of the article. So it is always worth to check on her eBay profile. 


During the photo shoot, we thought, why not enhance it a bit by trying her brand new ball gag and handcuffs? Miss M never wore a ball gag before. But she liked it a lot and we had the chance to produce some stunning images of her gagged and drooling. Luckily she wore her plastic top, so the mess was easy to clean.

Finally, we put on some handcuffs so she was properly helpless. Tied and gagged, she was unable to moan and spent a couple of hours in that state. She had time to relax and we enjoyed the peace.

Asian in leather pants and satin blouse  0
Asian in leather pants and satin blouse  1

Another set with our friend from Vietnam. She is totally into all kind of shiny outfits same like we are. In this set of 61 high quality images, she is wearing a short top made of shiny satin and a tight leather pants. This suits her just perfectly and she is not shy to present all of her curves to you. 

Leggings Girl In Chains

2018-08-09 75 images Asian, BBW, Fetish
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Leggings Girl In Chains 1

Today we are proud to present to you something very special. Miss M had her first shooting experience with another photographer. That`s why we traveled the long way to the Eastern part of Germany to meet the producers of the website . Check them out. They have some fantastic content of girls wearing all sorts of spandex clothes and down jackets.


Two days we stayed in Leipzig and had a fantastic time with non-stop photo shootings.

One of the results is this photo set, which you can download using the button at the bottom of this page.

Miss M is wearing her thick leather pants, silver wedge sneakers, and a red MA jacket. That was her first time wearing an outfit like this. During the shooting someone suddenly brought a pair of steel cuffs. Before Miss M could even react, her feet were secured in chains and there was nowhere to go for her. A girl in chains and wearing leather pants. Isn`t that something beautiful? Leather pants, MA jacket and some stunning pictures of Miss M`s fantastic butt. She really knows very well how to present her curves.

Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery)

2018-08-09 26 images Asian, Asses, Fetish
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Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery) 1
Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery) 2
Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery) 3

We are proud to present you our first guest gallery from a friend from the UK and his favorite model Ami. On, you can find hundreds of great photo sets and movies of girls wearing leather and other shiny stuff. Check them out.

Amy is a great model from the UK and we are happy to be able to feature her.