Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Jolina Down Coat 0
Yellow Spandex Catsuit And Jolina Down Coat 1


Finally, Miss M goes Spandex. She has never tried this stunning material before. But luckily one of her fans send her a stunning shiny yellow spandex catsuit and of course, she wants to show her sign of appreciation with a nice image set. So she gave us a call if we are interested to meet up, which we couldn`t reject of course. We accompanied her all day and filmed her in her super tight spandex outfit.  She spends the whole day wearing the catsuit and shows off nicely in it. The catsuit does not hide much and complements all of her curves. She also combines the catsuit with her super shiny Jolina down coat which looks just awesome.

The perfect outfit to grab peoples attention. Looking like a shiny plastic doll covered fully in skin-tight spandex and her down coat, she enjoys a lot moving around and presenting herself in front of the camera. And that`s what Miss M is all about. She loves being a shiny doll for you, dressing in shiny outfits. It is very rare, that we see her wearing normal clothes at all. If you are lucky meeting her in the evenings in a bar or disco, you will hardly see her wearing anything else than shiny leggings, mini skirts or dresses. After trying spandex for the first time, we are pretty sure, that she is addicted to that fabric. This won`t be her last spandex piece. There will be a lot more in future.

Miss M In A Shiny Leotard And PVC Shorts 0
Miss M In A Shiny Leotard And PVC Shorts 1

Shiny outfits are not only suitable during the night hours when going to a restaurant or a club. There you can see a lot of people nowadays wearing leather or other shiny stuff. But have you ever considered to wear such outfits in daily life? Have you ever wondered, what Miss M is wearing during her workouts? Well, here we go. That`s her sports outfit, which is pretty shiny and surely drags a lot of attention on her.


A shiny black leotard and her pink PVC shorts give a fantastic combination for a sporty outfit. What do you think? Maybe you are lucky and meet her during her jogging tours. That leotard is also very great when she uses it as a swimsuit as it shows more than it hides as it is cut in a thong style. Perfect for people who want to show off. Would you wear outfits like this in public? We think that makes life a lot shinier and funny.

The other good thing is, it drys instantly in case of bad weather and rain. Normal sports outfits take ages to dry. So why would you not wear a sports outfit like this?

Miss M loves that outfit so much, that she couldn`t wait to ask us to do a photo shoot with her. She couldn`t wait to show off and present that outfit to you.


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For a couple of days, we are suffering from a proper heat wave here in the southern parts of Germany. That mean’s it is not really the right weather for leather or latex clothes. So we thought, what to do in order to supply you with nice and shiny pictures? We think that we found the perfect solution to that problem.


The first problem was the outfit of course. Actually, Miss M is not wearing anything in this image set but to keep things shiny, she put on a silver satin panty. Wetlookfashion as the name states is about shiny outfits, so at least we stuck to that. Miss M has not done anything nude or half nude before. So you can imagine how shy and hesitating she was.

To make her feel comfortable, we looked for a solution and had a great idea. We gave her a super shiny huge sleeping bag. As soon as she saw it, she totally fell in love with it. Tha sleeping bag is very soft and super shiny. Miss M enjoyed playing with the bag and her body being wrapped in the bag. After the shooting, she even spent a part of the night tightly wrapped in the sleeping bag.