Leggings Girl In Chains

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Today we are proud to present to you something very special. Miss M had her first shooting experience with another photographer. That`s why we traveled the long way to the Eastern part of Germany to meet the producers of the website spandexplanet.com . Check them out. They have some fantastic content of girls wearing all sorts of spandex clothes and down jackets.


Two days we stayed in Leipzig and had a fantastic time with non-stop photo shootings.

One of the results is this photo set, which you can download using the button at the bottom of this page.

Miss M is wearing her thick leather pants, silver wedge sneakers, and a red MA jacket. That was her first time wearing an outfit like this. During the shooting someone suddenly brought a pair of steel cuffs. Before Miss M could even react, her feet were secured in chains and there was nowhere to go for her. A girl in chains and wearing leather pants. Isn`t that something beautiful? Leather pants, MA jacket and some stunning pictures of Miss M`s fantastic butt. She really knows very well how to present her curves.

Plastic Shirt, Leather Hot Pants And Leggings 0
Plastic Shirt, Leather Hot Pants And Leggings 1

This stunning image set contains actually two different sets. Miss M, our Asian beauty, is showing off wearing a copper plastic shirt. She found that shirt on Amazon and could not resist to order it. It is super comfortable and has a very nice shiny look. You don`t see people wearing something like that often in public. Actually, we have never seen that before, so we are happy to present you this image set today.

In the first set, she combines it with her leather hot pants, fishnet pantyhose, and high heels. An absolutely amazing look. She mostly wears those leather hotpants outdoors during the summer. Because of that, she gets loads of attention as you can imagine. Maybe you are lucky and see her strolling around like that in public one day? So better keep your eyes open. 


You know the good thing about plastic clothing? In case it gets messy, you can just wipe it off and your outfit looks like new. Very practical.


Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery)

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Www.Fetishgirlsuk.Com (Guest Gallery) 2
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We are proud to present you our first guest gallery from a friend from the UK and his favorite model Ami. On fetishgirlsuk.com, you can find hundreds of great photo sets and movies of girls wearing leather and other shiny stuff. Check them out.

Amy is a great model from the UK and we are happy to be able to feature her.

Asian Leotard Babe

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Asian Leotard Babe  1

Have you ever been to southeast Asia? Every time we visit countries like Thailand or the Philippines, we realize that we don`t see many girls in wet look clothing.  Why is that? Is it because of the hot and humid weather conditions?  We are not so sure. Maybe you guys can answer that question in the comment section below.


Where did we meet her?

Luckily, we have met this beautiful girl by accident at a local bar. As she did not make a shy impression, we did not hesitate to ask her, if she was interested in doing a photo shoot with us. Although it is not very common for Asian girls to wear wet look clothing like leggings or leotards, she was very open to the topic.

The photoshoot 

It didn`t take long and we found time to make the pictures. She had the choice of all our outfits. Her first decision was a black shiny leotard of a nice wet look fabric.


In combination with a fishnet pantyhose and stylish high heels, it gave a super look for the bedroom.   She was too shy at the end to wear that in public although the leotard could easily be used as a swimsuit. Wearing thong style swimsuits in public is a nice thing and should be done a lot more often. Don`t you agree to that?

Laura in a tight wet look dress  0
Laura in a tight wet look dress  1

One of our first models in Germany, the beautiful Laura is presenting a tight black wet look dress for you today. Although being pretty shy in the beginning, she finally got used to wearing shiny outfits. In the end, she enjoyed it a lot. Maybe a new wet look lover is born.

We found this leather dress in a shop in Munich. It is super comfortable and stretchable. The zipper in the middle makes it easy to take it off.

Combined with her pantyhose, and knee-high boots, it is indeed a quite decent outfit.

Unfortunately, the weather was not that nice to do an outdoor shoot. However, this 5 Star hotel in Munich gave us a nice background.

Shiny Black Leather Leggings

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Shiny Black Leather Leggings 1

Miss M is finally back after a short pause. She was pretty busy during her relocation to Munich, Germany. But luckily she is back now and is able to deliver you with new content. As you know she has been living somewhere in the middle east for the last years, so it was pretty difficult to live the shiny lifestyle. But things changed now with her move to Germany and you can be looking forward to great new stuff.


This set is all about how Miss M’s shiny career started. Shiny tight wet look leggings. She is presenting you her favorite leggings in combination with her high heels and a nice jacket. The short top underneath that jacket does not hide much of her stunning curves. So you can enjoy a lot of her curvy figure.

Jolina Down Jacket And Spandex Catsuit

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Jolina Down Jacket And Spandex Catsuit 1

Although the catsuit is looking fantastic on its own, in combination with a black super glossy Jolina down coat it get`s even better. I know we got summer, but why not create some nice ideas for winter outfits early. The early bird catches the worm, right?

We wouldn`t be surprised if she wears that outfit during the winter months outdoor. That would be a great thing and she might get a lot of attention walking around as a shiny spandex doll. The Jolina Coat was a rare find. It is pretty heavy, keeps pretty warm and the shiny surface feels almost like plastic. It is one of Miss M`s favorite jackets.

In this photo set, she was not shy at all and was happy to present her curves for you.

Satin Blouse Bondage

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Satin Blouse Bondage  1
Satin Blouse Bondage  2

We are proud to present you today with Miss M`s first bondage image set and movie.  Actually, she expected a normal shooting in a nice hotel room. Wearing a white satin blouse, satin panty and pantyhose she presented herself from her best side.

She didn`t expect though, that we brought a lot of ropes for her today. After a few minutes of getting warm, we persuaded her trying how it feels like to be a rope bunny. She hesitated at first, but once her feet and hands were tied together she didn`t have much choice anyway.

As we wanted to give her a few minutes of rest, we put her in a nice Hogtie and let her enjoy it for 30 minutes on the bed. She enjoyed a lot her first Satin Blouse Bondage session and can`t wait until the next one. Don`t we love Asian girls tied up in shiny outfits? Miss M from the Philippines was an excellent rope bunny.

Miss M In Black Leather Leggings

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Miss M In Black Leather Leggings 1

Miss M loves wearing her tight leather leggings for you. Did you know that not long time ago she did not have a single leather leggings? It was us who introduced that to her and she was overwhelmed by the comfort and sexy look of wearing them. Even when she is going out in a disco or bar, she is wearing those shiny leggings. And we believe that she got the perfect body for that.


The leggings perfectly bring out her stunning butt. Showing off is what she likes so we are proud to present you another stunning image set of her wearing wet look leggings. This time it is a faux leather leggings, which was sent to her by a fan. She was so happy about that gift, that she jumped in the leggings and asked us to do another photo shoot. These leggings are pretty cool, as they come with a thick layer inside. Perfectly to keep her beautiful legs warm in the cold winter months. In this set, she wasn`t shy at all to show off her sexy butt. Don`t we just love it?

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Miss M In A Purple Spandex Catsuit

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Miss M In A Purple Spandex Catsuit 1

Finally, Miss M is back and showing us one of her stunning and tight catsuits. It got a bit quiet the last days as she is in the process of moving to Germany. But finally, we can present another one of her stunning image sets.

Miss M was so happy about the catsuit she actually wore it all the time. She even slept in it and wore it most of the time at home or even under her normal clothes when going out. We think that is her new favorite outfit at the moment. What do you think? Do you like her in a shiny spandex catsuit? One thing is for sure. You can see almost everything. Her curves, forms and so on. If you have a close look you can even see a bit more, if you know what I mean.

The spandex catsuit is super tight and in combination with her white sneakers, it is an excellent outfit for………doing a photoshoot? Where else could you wear that? Outdoors? She will try that for sure very soon. Luckily we stayed a couple of days in a very nice hotel, so this photo set got really nice and we had a lot of fun.