Miss M and the Ball Gag

12.09.201870 BilderAsian, Bondage, Fetish
Miss M and the Ball Gag  0
Miss M and the Ball Gag  1

Nothing is shinier than proper PVC leggings. Don’t you also think so? This plastic-like material feels awesome to wear and is super shiny. Miss M was so happy to get her first leggings like this and could not wait to wear it for you. In combination with her plastic top, this gives an absolutely stunning outfit. Some of you might have seen that top before in this image set. 


Now, what is the best to wear with this outfit? Miss M decided to put on a black pantyhose and black super shiny high heels. Wearing that in public, she might get molested a lot. What do you think?

But nevertheless, she was so amazed by that outfit, that she really wants to wear it to the next party. We will see, where that might be.

As you know, you can sometimes purchase Miss M s outfits, when she puts it on eBay. That might be new unworn items or worn items. Just read the description of the article. So it is always worth to check on her eBay profile. 


During the photo shoot, we thought, why not enhance it a bit by trying her brand new ball gag and handcuffs? Miss M never wore a ball gag before. But she liked it a lot and we had the chance to produce some stunning images of her gagged and drooling. Luckily she wore her plastic top, so the mess was easy to clean.

Finally, we put on some handcuffs so she was properly helpless. Tied and gagged, she was unable to moan and spent a couple of hours in that state. She had time to relax and we enjoyed the peace.

Plastic Shirt, Leather Hot Pants And Leggings 0
Plastic Shirt, Leather Hot Pants And Leggings 1

This stunning image set contains actually two different sets. Miss M, our Asian beauty, is showing off wearing a copper plastic shirt. She found that shirt on Amazon and could not resist to order it. It is super comfortable and has a very nice shiny look. You don`t see people wearing something like that often in public. Actually, we have never seen that before, so we are happy to present you this image set today.

In the first set, she combines it with her leather hot pants, fishnet pantyhose, and high heels. An absolutely amazing look. She mostly wears those leather hotpants outdoors during the summer. Because of that, she gets loads of attention as you can imagine. Maybe you are lucky and see her strolling around like that in public one day? So better keep your eyes open. 


You know the good thing about plastic clothing? In case it gets messy, you can just wipe it off and your outfit looks like new. Very practical.